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Grapes Of Joy

After a summer long promotional effort, followed by weeks and days leading up to “True Comfort” release and live virtual book signings plus press junkets, it’s time for Kristin Cavallari to celebrate once and for all, with a little wine tonight from Dry Farm Wines, one of the best wines out there in Tennessee, but without the additives that lead to hangovers, all with Uncommon James Girl Boss Earrings.

It sure was a great day alright, at least the last 2 days where Kristin hopped on the TV and livestream circuit to talk about “True Comfort”, and cook up amazing recipes without the guilt, from “GMA”, to “Amazon Live”, to “Home & Family”, and to the most anticipated “Talk Shop Live”, Kristin cooked up tremendously delicious recipes for all of us to love, and say goodbye to calorie counting forever.

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