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A Perfect Plan

There are many downsides to the COVID19 pandemic, the virus has crippled every way of living we know, but then again it’s silver lining for Kristin Cavallari in terms of splitting with ex-husband, Jay Cutler, Kristin told E! News Tuesday she thought about divorce for 2 years, and quarantine in the pandemic is what sealed the deal for Kristin, confirming all her reasons for divorcing Jay.

Kristin also told Ryan Seacrest and his crew from “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday that Kristin is in the process of changing her legal name from Kristin Cutler, back to Kristin Cavallari, Ryan picked up on the still technical Kristin Cutler on Kristin’s Zoom during the interview, Kristin also pointed out there’s only so much growing that married spouses can do before they definitely know they’re not right for each other anymore.

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