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All’s Revealed

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port expounded more on the second portion of Whitney’s “With Whit” podcast on Wednesday, getting to the heart of money, friends, having children, and even reality TV.

Lauren first confessed the only reason she agreed to do “The Hills” was that she was broke while attending college for a short time, right after coming off of “Laguna Beach”, Lauren thought it was easy money and would have fun doing just the pilot of “The Hills” at least.

Lauren still stays connected to “Laguna Beach” friends such as Stephen Colletti, Christine Schuller, and Dieter, mainly it’s because Lauren lives in the town she grew up in, and still sees those friends on holidays.

Both Lauren and Whitney were not ashamed to admit they had difficult pregnancies, felt guilty for having fears and changes happening to their body, and were at times sick, with Whitney having difficulty breast-feeding, and Lauren got heartburn just from drinking water with first-born, Liam James Tell.

Lauren also has a guilty pleasure of reality TV, that lucky show is “Big Brother”, keeping a play-by-play book on each week, Lauren revealed too she was in the live audience last year, Whitney says she likes “Big Brother” too.

Lauren importantly noted she’s not one who post very frequently on Instagram, Lauren will only post if it’s something Lauren thinks is worth sharing (professional and personal), Lauren wants to capture each moment in her life without the world knowing despite PR people Lauren’s talked to thinking otherwise.

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