Amanda Kloots angered by President Trump’s words about #COVID19 #amandakloots #nickcordero #liveyourlife #presidentttump #broadway #donaldtrump

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Nick Cordero’s wife, and widow, Amanda Kloots, did not hold nothing back late Monday night about the tweet President Donald J. Trump made about leaving Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, and words by Trump being “Don’t be afraid of COVID, Don’t let it dominate your life”, Amanda fired back with her own reaction.

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Amanda continued on in her Instagram story about not being political, but Amanda wasn’t warming up about Trump being delighted he got over the disease in 2 days, having all the resources imaginable to make that possible, Amanda stresses those who died from COVID19 were not so lucky, Amanda did say she was glad the President got better, but Trump could’ve at least sided with those who are suffering or suffered from COVID, side with his people about understanding COVID.

Amanda thought Trump’s words were hurtful, apologize to the families and 208,000 people who lost someone from COVID19, and could not accept Trump’s words that we should not be afraid of COVID, or let it dominate our lives, because Amanda feels Nick did not choose to get COVID19, Nick lost his battle with COVID19 on July 5, and Amanda also commentated the 3 month anniversary Monday say she felt she lost Nick 3 months before when diagnosed.

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