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Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Early today, as Nick Cordero’s widow, Amanda Kloots, was angry about President Donald J. Trump’s words of telling people not to be afraid of COVID, Amanda says someone told her not to be sorry for grieving over someone you lost, it’s the most-important thing to remember if someone else has a problem with you grieving.

Amanda says straight up that she’s not sorry for reacting the way she feels about Trump saying don’t be afraid of COVID, Amanda endured 95 days of her late husband, Nick, battling COVID19 before losing his life to COVID 3 months ago on Monday.

Amanda’s also not sorry because the it’s too sad, and it’s too real for the people who went through the ordeal of COVID19, it’ll be real for Nick and Amanda’s son, Elvis, one day when Elvis realizes what happened to his dad, it’s real for the families and wives who went through COVID, we should be afraid of COVID, but not let COVID dominate your lives, but all Amanda wants from President Trump in the end is to say something kind.

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