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Fashion At The Source

Fashion Mingle and its Mingle Mastermind Group today tackled the most important essential for the fashion industry to survive, sustainability, but there are several meanings of sustainability with each designer and brand, and how it’s executed, so “What Does Sustainable Fashion Mean To You?”.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving sustainability are carbon footprints, massive amounts of oil produced every year to make fast fashion, making a sale at the moment while leaving behind tons of waste, possibly piling up landfills with unsold product.

Alternatives to carbon footprints are seeking out organic cotton, as opposed to producing regular cotton to produce pieces because conventional cotton is an extremely dirty process involving a ton of production and compost, where as organic cotton needs only necessary compost care for it to be a clean and sustainable fabric, and in turn the population of formally extinct animals rising.

The idea of using animals like cow, sheep, lamb, and such for not only food, but to produce our clothing needs to be rethought, though not in a bad sense like animal rights activists tell us, but to bring out the beauty of that one particular animal in something like a feather for your coat.

Now that we’re in a pandemic, and the fashion industry finally had to meet the inevitable, now’s the time to create fashion out of materials that easily breakdown back into the earth, all for the sake of leaving no unbreakable waste behind, celebrating the idea of reduce, recycle, and reuse products and materials that can be made into newer fashions.

Daniel Quintanilla

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