“Laguna Beach” #reunion (ALL 3 PARTS HERE) finally takes place on @instagram @LaurenConrad @StephenColletti @KristinCav #lagunabeach #laurenconrad #stephencolletti #kristincavallari @HeadCountOrg #GoodToVote

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High School On Zoom

No one ever thought it would take place, but it did, Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari, Trey Phillips, and all the familiar faces from MTV’s “Laguna Beach” came together for a “Laguna Beach” reunion, it may have not been together in one room or through a taping of a reunion show, but it was over Zoom, where no one had to leave their homes, but just talk about the great days of “Laguna Beach”.

Lauren Conrad immediately shared the IGTV link on her Instagram story, while posting that ever-memorable image of the Pacific Oceans of Laguna Beach, California.

Daniel Quintanilla

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