778K file #unemployment as #covid19 continues 2nd rise in #job less claims @USDOL

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In all the 8 months of COVID19, it’s known no day, night, or holiday to rear its ugly head, and today’s no exception despite it a day before Thanksgiving, but at least the United States Department Of Labor reported a day early due to the holiday yet another week of stagger unemployment numbers, at the tune of 778,000, on the rise again by 30,000 from the week before where 748,000 claims were filed, revised by 6,000 from 742,000.

Once again, the insured unemployment rate was at odds with the unemployment numbers, decreasing to 4.1 percent from 0.2 percent, with no revision from the week before, those odds continue with the number of those on insured unemployment, coming in at 6,071,000 with 299,000 less than last week from 6,370,000, revised down from 6,372,000.

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