900K #job less in first #covid19 #unemployment report under #biden @USDOL

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Though the United States Department Of Labor reports 65,000 less unemployment in the still staggering weekly jobs report from last week in the COVID19 era, and the figure is 900,000 this week, which is actually 26,000 less from last week after last week’s number got revised way down by 39,000 to 926,000, the severe reporting of jobless figures in the COVID19 pandemic still rages on despite changing Presidential administrations nearly 24 hours ago.

President Joe Biden and her newly minted administration have their work cut out for them with COVID19 and unemployment continuing to have a devastating blow nationwide, the insured unemployment rate remained unchanged from last week to stay at 3.6 percent after last week’s figure revised down by 0.1 percent, while the insured unemployment number decreased by 127,000 to 5,054,000 from 5,181,000 last week, which was revised down by 90,000 also.

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