847K: #Unemployment #job less claims fall again in #covid19 @USDOL

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Lately, the United States Department Of Labor’s unemployment figures have been on a miniature roller coaster, seeing study rises in the continuing staggered numbers of jobless claims in COVID19, and then sudden drops albeit only tens of thousands, well the USDOL reports drops again today for this week’s figures, coming in at 847,000 claimed, a huge drop by 67,000 from last week’s 914,000, which originally started out at 900,000 but revised up by 14,000.

Though, weekly unemployment figures in COVID19 have all seen historic highs, the insured unemployment rate continues its steady decline, with figures at 3.4 percent dropping 0.1 percent from last week which also revised down by 0.1 percent too, but the insured unemployment figure saw the obvious this week as it fell for the first time under 5 million to be at 4,771,000 with 203,000 less filing, but it technically dropped under 5 before today as last week’s 5,054,000 revised down 80,000 to 4,974,000.

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