The @BroadwayLeague says possible #broadway fall comeback must be full capacity ~ @NBCNewYork #covid19

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Full House Or Nothing

Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League, told NBC 4 New York on Wednesday that Broadway shows could possibly return sometime this fall, the only stipulation for what could be 18 to 24 months without a Broadway show due to COVID19 when the time comes is that the show must go on, at full capacity, anything less than that would hurt a show’s revenue.

But before Broadway returns to a full house, The Broadway League must ensure a show does 2 things, their staff, talent, and audiences test negative for COVID19, and that everyone and everybody are fully vaccinated, Charlotte also forecasted the heavy weight, long-standing, and more established Broadway shows returning first since those productions have the means.

It’ll be one year ago tomorrow that Broadway shutdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, many thought it’d be just for 2 weeks to a month, but now it’s been 365 days so far, and there’s no telling who will come out the other end standing tall.

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