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Bra Life Forever

Curve New York with its Curve Connect on March 26, and tomorrow in its livestream webinar addressed the oversupply of intimates consumers buy each everyday, especially bras as Curve presents a webinar about “Minimizing the Environmental Footprint by Recycling, Upcycling, and Reusing”, sans bras in the landfill or a drawer full of bras only worn once.

Recycled bras believe it or not don’t always originally come from old bras, bras can come from things like recycled bathtub material or something suitable materials that are not harmful to the body, achieving sustainability in a big way, also reducing general waste that takes up our environment.

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The process of upcycling involves taking discarded bras, processing them to be once again useable for human wearability they go through the dismantling and rebuilding process into a new bra out of recycled material, and now they’re used to benefit girls in developing countries to reduce sex crimes and cruel rituals of hot ironing breasts for breast reduction, plus making recycled bras accessible to recovering breast cancer patients and women suffering from domestic violence who need to get out of a bad situation if they have to go to shelter away from an abusive husband or boyfriend.

Reusable bras for start to achieve sustainability have played an innovative role in the upheaval of the bra industry that’s been needing change for a long time, manufacturing reusable bras dramatically reduces fast fashion creating substantial environmental waste, missed seasons thanks to COVID19, and those working feverishly to be at zero carbon footprint by 2030; consumers are now more conscious about how sustainable their bras are, so brands must educate their consumers about the bra production process.

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