World Health Access Introduces a Global Health Security Program for #COVID19 #vaccine ~ #vaxpassbook #worldhealthaccess

April 2021: New York, NY

World Health Access, a subsidiary of International Health and Wellness LLC. has developed the VAX Passbook. VAX Passbook is a vaccination record booklet. It is confirmation that the user has received one of the COVID 19 vaccines. It uses trustworthy, verifiable patented technology to maintain security and privacy. The goal is to provide vaccination records in a convenient form.

The VAX Passcard provides additional documentation to the user, in the form of a credit card, using a smart card technology.

VAX Passbook and Passcard is designed to include all vaccination records of the user showing the chronological history of testing and confirming the tests and vaccinations the owner has obtained.

This technology was created by Isaac Daniel, the Chief Executive Officer behind the VAX PASSPORT, an inventor and designer of high-tech products. He is a leader of a group of companies that integrate innovation, corporate responsibility, and community consciousness. WHA guarantees that your privacy is protected.

We believe that the vaccine passport is not mandatory. It can; however, give you peace of mind while traveling or entering large venues.

“As Americans are vaccinated each day, these vaccine credentials – commonly called “vaccine passports” –could be key to return to normalcy by the end of the year.” President Joe Biden, As reported by CNN, “Fareed Zakaria GPS”

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