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Just For Mom

Curve New York revealed their latest Mother’s Day Gift guide for 2021, which will also be featured tomorrow livestream at Curve Connect, this year’s guide reaches out not just new moms, current moms, and moms with children fully grown, but also to moms who’s number one job is multitasking because of COVID19, and are in need of something to make them feel special, Kimmay Caldwell who’s Hurray Kimmay leads this buying guide.

Kimmay addresses the right kind of bra and panty you must sell to moms of all types according to their needs as they may be raising a newborn or playing the role of Mom-Emperor since the whole family’s stuck at home, which leaves zero time and space for mom to call her own, selling a bra that doesn’t hinder sleep for a mom raising a newborn helps tremendously.

For all those moms who are looking for new styles aside from needs and want to have fun again, bohemian, party, rock, and disco inspired collections are always a big go-to for you to sell your customers on, selling big on those moms who want to relive their days of parties and dancing, or just a mom who still wants to be cool whether it’s with her friends or kids.

But the biggest key takeaway that you must keep in mind when your selling bras to moms or moms-to-be, is not ask if they’re expecting, or have kids, because you may be in some cases striking a tragic or unfortunate spot in their lives, let the customer bring up the mom factor, unless you know your clientele personally to ask.

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