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Courtesy: Curve

Do You Have What It Takes?

At least for the second time in a row, Daniel plus Lauren is spending the night with Curve New York lingerie trade show as Curve on Monday released a special webinar that gives intimate designers a chance to pitch their brands to Curve and intimate specialists where they’re brands will be judged based on quality and effectiveness of their intimates while vying for the prize of Curve purchasing their products, and gifting to one retailer.

All kinds of intimate and activewear brands stepped up to sell the judges on what’s unique about their bras like bra alternatives that are not bras but comfort intimates on breasts that hold up to all activity and keep you comfortable, there’s also panties that smell great always thanks to scent technology and special cardboard box packaging, and creating intimate wear for women of the transgender community, maintaining Curve’s commitment to reach out and be intimate with lingerie brands.

Daniel Quintanilla

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