406K: #COVID19 #unemployment #job less levels closer than ever to pre #coronavirus ~ @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor today yet again had something new in its weekly unemployment numbers, a new low figure to report while jobless in COVID19, 406,000, it’s even more closer to 256,000 last reported on March 14, 2020, the day after coronavirus was declared a pandemic reporting on the previous week’s numbers, last week’s initial 444,000 also went unrevised which doesn’t happen too often, the nation’s definitely coming out of lockdown.

The insured unemployment rate continues downward dropping 0.1 percent back to 2.6 percent with last week’s 2.7 percent unrevised, and the insured unemployment figure drops down by 96,000 to 3,642,000 from last week’s 3,738,000, also revised down 13,000 from 3,751,000.

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