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Know Before You Green

In, and out of COVID19, there’s a new trend in fashion that’s emerged, it wasn’t just comforts, it was sustainability, the fast-moving effort to slow down fashion and make it environmentally friendly as consumer demand for it rises, but sustainability comes at a price, and it’s not cheap, Fashion Mingle today in the Mingle Mastermind addresses “The True Cost Of Going Sustainable”.

Fast fashion is cheap, right now, and you can make a quick profit off it, but fashionistas have been more educated on the true cost of this common fashion, plastics, and unbreakable materials build up in landfills, and sit there for years and years and years, plus COVID19 put fast fashion out of business, and fast fashion still has a long way to go from making a comeback, but by then, slower fashion will have taken control and declare its here to stay, so brands are jumping on the bandwagon to stamp sustainable on their business model, sometimes too fast before certifying they’re truly sustainable.

Yes, sustainability is very expensive, because producing organic cotton is an entirely different laborious process than standard cotton, it takes lots of water, and a different way of growing it that runs the bill up, plus it’s said production domestically is better suited than overseas, it however needs to be certified, and verified before you go out and mark green on your collections, the cost of sustainability also stems from rigorous inspection of what you’re using and how your producing it, but also if you’re workforce is working sustainably and being paid fairly, plus third party firms have to come in and verify your inspection of a brand achieving sustainability.

Large brands such as Patagonia are able to meet sustainability standards because they understand what sustainability is, and are not in the business of fast fashion, plus other large brands such as Kohl’s can include sustainable collections on their portfolio because they have the means and manpower to produce certified organic cotton, but smaller businesses do not have that luxury of large capital and resources to be 100 percent sustainable, leading to scenarios like green-washing which is lying about your sustainability status, so the solution for smaller brands are trying to work it in on a small level where the season less trend works to their advantage as massive capital don’t have to be spent too often, there’s also collaboration with other smaller brands to produce a 100 percent sustainable collection to offset the costs.

It’s very important to devote as much time as possible for you to achieve sustainability with you being able to meet the cost of it, but make sure that diligence shines not just inside, but outside too when consumers and other brands may perceive you as not too sustainable, so work inside and out on achieving sustainability.

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