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Living On

On Friday night, Amanda Kloots did something unique from her usual activities and got herself a tattoo from Winterstone in Los Angeles, California, armed with 3 layers of the the rainbow, Amanda today says one of those 3 layers out of the upcoming blessings it stands for, reminds her of her late husband, Nick Cordero, who died nearly a year ago from COVID19, also reminding her of the song “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, plus the 3 lines standing for Amanda, Elvis, and Nick.

The Grief Police????

Amanda Kloots revealed to The Daily Beast today that there were critics of all kinds policing her on the proper way of grieving over a loved one after they’ve died, saying she shouldn’t be promoting her business and hosting “The Talk” so soon, Amanda defends that people deal with grief differently, and shouldn’t be judged by others on how to deal with the lost of a loved one.

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Engaging Read

Public figure, Kristen Hadeed, confesses today she cannot put down every word of Amanda’s “Live Your Life” memoir about Amanda’s late husband, Nick Cordero’s 95 day struggle with COVID19 until his eventual death from the virus.

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Triumphant In Grief

Amanda Kloots will be speaking with Forbes magazine live on Instagram tomorrow evening to talk about “Facing Loss & Finding Resilience” after the loss of her husband, Nick Cordero, from COVID19.

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