Kristin Cavallari busy w/ #UncommonJames statement #jewelry ~ #kristincavallari

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Sunday Busy

Kristin Cavallari today is one thing, busy, and is not apologizing for it with either, with Uncommon James jewelry of Atocha Necklace (small), Girl Boss Earrings, and Atocha Necklace at regular size, it’s all part of a carefree day where you’re busy making a jeweled statement.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Gold Queen

Uncommon James today has found yet another UJBABE in their sights as they stress the importance of gold with their UJ sense of style, stemming from UJ Dynasty Bracelet, Rosie Necklace, Big Deal Ring, Mediterranean Necklace, and Wishful Necklace.

Daniel Quintanilla

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