Informa Markets sees 50/50 normalcy with men’s & women’s #fashion post #COVID19 for #ss22 ~ @informaplc @wgsn

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Back To Close To Normal

Informa Markets held their semi-annual trends outlook today which laid out where men’s and women’s fashion will be in the Spring and Summer 2022, back to pre-COVID19 days is definitely in, but comforts and work at home efforts will also be held onto as the nation goes back to work, or opts to still work at home.

Women’s fashion will continue the comforts route as they’ll be more flexibility with fabrics and leisure, optimism will play a pivotal role in bold prints and creative styling, but will be cautious with volume as orders remain small to reflect baby steps back into normal, fabrics will be manipulated into clever patterns and newness while striving to be sustainable, and emotions will come from comfort as women hold onto not only home habits, but new found aspects learned.

Men’s fashion will keep their emotions on their sleeves as it continues to reconnect with humanity and separate digital and physical, performance of clothing will be enhanced for a longer lasting fabric as comforts work their way into formal wear, better collections will mean producing more with less materials as sustainability is at hand with more emphasis on the process than the final result, and nature will create simple silhouettes to transition your wardrobe to be more ethically responsible.

Women’s trends include reimagining comfort as a trend narrative, versatile worker with low maintenance, comfort colorist living in the moment, freedom chaser in lively colors and textures to get out of the house, the seaside traveler finding their own shores, extravagant costumer returning to the party life, and soft romantics in historical notes found in champagne

Men’s trends involve the urban gardener connecting to nature and holistic living, smart comfort seeker bring home to work with formals made comfortably, country clubber feeling the upscale vibes of Miami, innovative minimalist focusing less on modern and more on performance, and the phygitalist embracing the digital living on Twitch and monetarily on Bitcoin.

Fashion Blogger, Patricia Ann Parenti, has a complete scope of Men’s Spring/ Summer 2022 from the Informa Markets Trends Report.

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