Long Island’s Book Revue bookstore closing its doors due to COVID19

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla (April 3, 2018)

The Loss Is Real

Book Revue, a long-standing bookstore in Huntington, New York just over an hour from New York City on the Long Island Railroad, announced Wednesday on its Instagram page that it will close after 44 years in business sometime in September, it sites being closed for nearly 3 months last year during the COVID19 lockdown, the inability to host live events due to COVID19 restrictions, and its landlord raising its monthly rent to more than double than what it was pre-pandemic as primary reasons for going out of business.

As Book Revue Owner, Richard Klein, and his dedicated staff leave the premises for good at the end of next month, Book Revue says it’s received generous offers of financial backing to keep Book Revue open, but the financial challenges are too great to even take on backing for the moment or longer, plus moving Book Revue to another location at this point at Richard Klein’s life is just too great of an endeavor to take on.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla (April 3, 2018)

As this past year or so was the most challenging for Book Revue’s history which ultimately led to its demise, Daniel plus Lauren got the pleasure to visit Book Revue on Huntington for Kristin Cavallari’s books of “Balancing In Heels” in 2016, and the most recent here on Daniel plus Lauren on April 3, 2018 when Kristin released her first cookbook, “True Roots”.

Daniel Quintanilla

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