Vivienna Lorikeet debuts 2021-2022 Couture Collection in New York City

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

A Plus On Curves

As history would tell it, the plus size audience of the fashion industry has always been underserved, neglecting it of any high-end or high design fashion options, relegating it to anything not above tasteful, just pieces to help one just to roll with the punches, but designers such as Vivienna Lorikeet have made the plus size, curvy woman a couture collection that is absolutely stunning.

Vivienna Lorikeet is one of the most notable emerging brands currently breaking into the NYC/US market from Melbourne, Australia where the collection was born.

Designer, Vivienna Wang is the Creative Director and Founder of the company.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

The collection is uniquely special due to the diverse variations of style and silhouette available throughout.

Vivienna uses classic couture garment construction techniques combined with modern trend forecasting and most importantly…mastering the art of the silhouette.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

The collection consists of mostly hand-beaded, embellished, and intricate mechanical body-con design techniques.

One piece can take months to finish and can consist of up to six professional seamstresses and couture specialists as part of the Vivienna Lorikeet design team.

The most important aspect of this brand however is the fact that this is a couture collection that also caters to ‘curvy’ women and specializes in perfecting the ideal hourglass shape.

Vivienna Lorikeet believes in embracing all forms of the female body and with today’s market, size is becoming more and more assorted as the demand for luxury plus size clothing continues to grow, yet unfortunately remains unfulfilled.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

Many brand labels and designers have tried desperately to create luxury, trendsetting plus size clothing, however we haven’t seen anything like the collections that are delivered by the Atelier of Vivienna Lorikeet.

Vivienna truly has amassed the art of cultivating truly dynamic ‘curvy’ pieces that can definitely be classified as ‘showstoppers’.

Vivienna has spent years working to hone the ability to refine couture pieces that women, whether a size 2 or a size 16 can both wear.

This is accomplished through her ability to alter the shape of the garment, as she believes that the key to achieving success within this market is to truly comprehend on a conscious, emotional, and intellectual level the body type you are working with.

Thus being the reason many of her pieces are made-to-measure.

Courtesy: Vivienna Lorikeet

This collection may be one of the first COUTURE lines that we can say have actually successfully broken into the ‘curvy’ ‘plus’ market and is now creating a huge buzz with various editors, influencers, celebrities, and retail buyers within Manhattan and throughout the United States.

All of Vivienna Lorikeet’s gowns are one of a kind and hand-made from head to toe, they are absolutely incredible, and are now available in the Showroom of The Private Client Division by James Murray.

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