Moda Baronessa launches first collection in U.S. at New York Coterie’s post-COVID19 return

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Arriving Back

For 19 months, we’ve been waiting for this moment to return, the time where we seek out the latest fashions, designs, and prints for the upcoming Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer season, the time where buyers put in their orders in their department stores and boutiques, plus celebrate the season that’s ahead, all that’s been missed thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, while also mired with fall starts, but today’s the day where Coterie by Informa Markets gets to have its long-awaited return like Broadway did earlier last week, Coterie kicks off today once again its 3 day fashion trade show from the Javits Center here in lower Manhattan at New York City’s Hudson Yards, showing off the Spring/ Summer 2022 season, and it’s no better time than to dream of the resort destination we’ll go to next year, the perfect candidate Daniel plus Lauren sought out for resort wear is Moda Baronessa.

First launching in Mexico with 3 retail stores, Moda Baronessa found its way to being a resort destination collection while having a pop-up store in Beverly Hills, California in COVID19, where Moda Baronessa launched as a private label, and only being exclusively available in resort wear areas, it’s now added traditional retail department stores and boutiques to sell its debut collection around the world, and here in the United States of America.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Buyers are into the fitted tailored dresses and silks, there’s also a sale on a Mystique style piece that’s very Bristol which is an open kimono and a tailored dress at the same time, where you get multiple wears out of a single piece which people have been buying and loving out of Moda Baronessa.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Moda Baronessa works solely with ready to wear silks, fabrics that are manufactured and designed in India, Moda Baronessa’s swimwear fabrics range from nylon to spandex, and are manufactured in China.

In this beautiful collection made by Moda Baronessa, they’ve gradually launched their resorts wear destination collection around the world, now they’ve gone on a feverish pace in retailers to launch this debut collection here in the U.S. in universal retailers, and are due to launch another new collection in February for the Fall/ Winter 2022-23 season.

Daniel Quintanilla

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