HAUS OF TOPPER Launches High-Fashion Jewels Right At Awards Season

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

Only High End On Red Carpet

The HAUS OF TOPPER is one of the latest emerging luxury high-fashion jewelry brands that has just launched with the release of it’s COLLECTION OO1 titled “The Renaissance”.

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

Topper, Designer and Creative Director states of the highly anticipated collection “After the plague came the renaissance is the best way I would describe this collection. For a brief, dark moment, I felt like I was lost on a hamster wheel, going through the motions, producing while losing the LOVE of what I do. Much like these modern times, especially with the pandemic, I decided to take the time to step back a little to really evaluate my passion for creating pieces for you. I can say now that those times have passed, and the HAUS OF TOPPER renaissance is here! The wait is finally over!”.

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

The brand has undergone an incredible evolvement of diversity, where we can truly say that there is a piece for everyone.

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

Not many other jewelry brands can truly state this fact…no less deliver.

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

The HAUS OF TOPPER has just launched the official lookbook for Collection 001 (click here to preview the lookbook).

The book tells a story of a woman who emulates freedom, sexiness, happiness, joy, and pure luxury.

She is bold, brave, and beautiful.

Courtesy: Haus Of Topper

The pieces throughout the collection such as the ‘Foss Monstera’ earrings and the ‘Miami Nights’ have been deemed some of the most glamourous statement pieces that still have the ability to translate into every day looks, depending on how you style them.

This is what makes this collection incomparable to anything else on the market and truly unmistakable.

HAUS OF TOPPER emulates the definition of affordable luxury and pure class.

This is the new collection that we can assure you that within the upcoming year we will be seeing a lot more of.


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