SOURCING at MAGIC reaches for color in Fall/ Winter 2022-23 trends post-COVID19

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Pops Of Optimism

As the world continues to re-emerge from the COVID19 pandemic while the Omicron variant sobers us on this world health crisis is far from over, SOURCING at MAGIC on Wednesday laid out apparel sourcing trends for the Autumn and Winter of 2022-2023 as one key element plays a key role from home to return to work to return to occasional outings: color.

In this drive for color, textiles with soothing and tactile elements deliver that home feel while providing strong protection in uncertain times, pieces emphasizing sustainability with longer trends and bold takeaways, plus transitioning back to the office and finding purpose in the occasional outfit again also making a statement.

Colors such a red, brown, orange, green, and blue in varying forms will definitely play a key role throughout the better part of the Fall 2022 season, the Winter 2022-23 part of this season will be that beacon of comfort for what will continue to be tough times for consumers as color becomes that key source of luxury most craved when appreciating what’s really important in life, friends, family, and pieces that symbolize our continuing mission to hit the reset button during the COVID19 pandemic.

Styles spawning out this FW22 season of color will be Cabin Core that are unpredictable yet adapt, sooth, and function for the great outdoors (and indoors) in jerseys and flannels; New Prep reunites the preppy look in a joyful statement and renewed confidence in bolder pieces of cashmere blends, lambs wool and tweeds; Let’s Party is the return of the occasional outing that’s suffered the most in COVID19 as the standout staples are re-emerged in gleaming plains, luxe sporty leathers, fluffy knits, and feature trims; Natural Comfort reaches into sustainability with wovens and knits transforming into tactile knits and outerwear; Joyful Expression is the moment that has to rescue the consumer from not only Winter, but by the start of 2023 what could be the fourth year of COVID19 with pent up energy of creative expression found at the minimum and maximum level in bold scale patterns of mix and match pieces; and Elevated Utility levels up the aesthetics of loungewear that’s freshened up outdoor and gender-fluid styles.

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