New York Men’s Day as told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


New York Men’s Day was a fashion presentation all about emerging contemporary menswear designers and the relaunch of old brands such as Perry Ellis America (they sponsored the presentation) for Spring/ Fall 2022. Classic brands such as Sperry showed their basic topsiders with some new soles. This took place on February 11, 2022 at Canoe Studios, 601 West 26th Street in NYC. This presentation is in its 16th season and put on by Agentry PR (public relations firm in NYC). Trends that I noticed were lots of loser and baggy shapes in jackets and pants for men. I saw lots of colors in shades of brown, plum, black, beige and gray. Of course, Perry Ellis America showed mainly red, white and blue colors in a nautical looking collection in the sprint of America. The photo above is of me covering the presentation and no I didn’t intentionally dress like the colors in the Perry Ellis America line.😆

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Perry Ellis hasn’t been around for a while now but the company was relaunched as Perry Ellis American. The collection was inspired by modern American landscapes. The designers revisited the authenticity of the original brand that was big in the 1980s and 1990s but gearing it toward the man of nowadays instead of the man of a bygone era. The colors of the collection were inspired by a classic collegiate look of the Ivy League Colleges of years ago. The designer is Thomas Harvey who put on a very wearable collection for all men no matter what their size or shape. The models had on footwear by Sperry which was so appropriate with the nautical collection.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


The designer William Frederick told me in an interview that he wanted to create clothing that his friends and he would wear on an everyday basis. I love the fact that he makes his collection in Cleveland, Ohio. He definity makes a gender neutral collection because the shirts and pants can be worn by anyone. The fabrics that he uses are 100% organic cotton and some wool and hemp blends. He started his business in August 2018 and I think he has a great shirt collection.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


The collection is called North Beach. The use of beautiful jewel tones such as yellow, Colbalt blue, plums, teals in rainbow stripes along with charcoal gray and black in a taffeta fabric were used very frequently. Lots of layering to keep warm using wool and cashmere merino knit fabric. The tailored collection had a 1980s vibe to it with the looser pants, dropped shoulder jackets and coats, pleated pants, oversized shorts and oversized faux fur coats. The designer played ode to his favorite sports of surfing, snowboarding and skiing.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


I loved the use of older male models that were in the presentation because it shows that beautiful clothing can look amazing on older men too. The collection is designed by Tristan Detwiler. He used his paternal grandfather, Robert Stanley Detwiler as his muse because he always dressed “like a gentleman.” The Stan collection was inspired by the details and silhouettes in menswear from the decades of 1910 – 1960. Look closely at the fabrics in my photos because they are vintage from the 18th and 19th centuries. The couple sitting are famous models from the 1970s. Alva Chinn is the lady in the gown made by Tristan and the man is Tony Spinelli. Stan will have an ensemble that he designed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Exhibit in NYC, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion which is on view thru 9/5/2022.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Designed by Aaron Potts. The name of the collection is entitled “Skinfolk” which is about skin tones, sculptural shapes and noir-romantics. The use of Sperry boots is on the models also. The sculptural shapes which are loose fitting and unconstructed in black have a gothic undertone in my opinion. The noir-romantics pertains to the tiered hems on the top and bottom of the black clothing. What I loved about his line of fashions were the vibrant colors in browns, pinks, corals and rust which would look wonderful on all skin tones. The coat in orange, black and white boucle is a very beautiful and easy piece to wear because you just throw it on, wrap the scarf part around your neck and attach a brooch or large safety pin to close it.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Sperry, the brand that everyone has heard of was a sponsor at New York Men’s Day for New York Fashion Week. In fall/winter 2022 they will introduce their Cloud Collection featuring trendy styles with Vibram lug soles. This time they collaborated with Los Angeles streetwear brand Pleasures and a London based company, Warm and Wonderful that was made famous in the 1980s with sweaters been worn by Princess Diana. This brand is known for it’s iconic red sheep sweater that already can be seen on the trendy people in NYC on the streets.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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