Chelsea Liu’s ‘The Frozen Dream’ wedding couture during Art Hearts Fashion at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Bridal Strong

Last Sunday evening, as the Super Bowl was being played, and “Euphoria” got 5 million viewers out of the 117 million the Super Bowl itself got, Art Hearts Fashion at New York Fashion Week at Broadway’s Ziegfeld Ballroom got a huge jumpstart on the 2022 wedding season, thanks to Chelsea Liu who presents “The Frozen Dream” with her wedding couture collection, supplying courage to women in a wedding season that plans to hold the highest weddings since 1984.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

So far, planet Earth is being plagued by global warming with a call to be sustainable now, plus we’re in a global health crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the true root of a doubled-down wedding season, and a virus that’s far from over, Chelsea Liu responds to perils with “The Frozen Dream”, gowns that call for women to be stronger than they’ve ever been, braver than they were before.

Chelsea Liu’s wedding gowns respond to global warming by including glitter beads on every dress, this is to inspire each and every one of us to protect our environment by doing our part in recycling and buying long-standing fashion instead of fast fashion that creates tons of waste.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Chelsea Liu does not believe in fairy tales, Chelsea Liu only believes in women being real with true beauty, encouraging them to be true to their soul that’s strong and brave always, and also resilient in the biggest tasks that women must face, the ups and downs of life, it’s not about being someone you’re not, it’s all about the models maintaining a hair style of clean and simple, something that celebrates true beauty amongst women.

Chelsea Liu’s philosophy of women being brave and strong was not created out of thin air, it comes from Chelsea Liu possessing those qualities herself, Chelsea Liu is an up-and-coming fashion designer rooted in Asia with an international outlook, Chelsea Liu’s won awards and accolades for her work as a stylist, even as a filmmaker, and gaining broader experience working at H&M and Forever 21, Chelsea Liu’s collection was conceived back in 2008 after winning a European Design Award as a student, using her prize money to create her Chelsea Liu Wedding couture collection, which has been worn by Asia’s elites.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Chelsea Liu

This is the season for renewal, renewing a woman’s spirit after bearing witness to global warming, COVID19, and self-doubt, now it’s time for women of the world to be strong, courageous, and brave, no time to conceal the simplistic and clean beauty each and every woman has with artificial looks and bridezilla behavior that also exist outside bridal times of their lives young and old, Chelsea Liu is the answer to each women celebrating the true beauty they want to know and learn about themselves, at a time when wedding season is in true fashion once again.

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