MCLC unisex shoes inspired by COVID19 at New York’s ‘Magic’ trade show

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

We Are All One

Witness the sea change happening in the fashion industry, it all started in the early 1980’s as women were heading into the workforce where blazers and shoulder pads were what made women compete with the men, then came pantsuits made famous by Hillary Clinton a decade or two later, but now the fashion industry is out in the open catering to men who’ve been wearing women’s fashion on a niche level for quite some time with unisex fashion, that was found last Sunday at Informa’s “Magic” trade show with “Coterie” at New York City’s Javits Center, enter MCLC into the mix who’s shoe collection was created to be shoes for both men and women, and out of a time where America was held down by the COVID19 pandemic.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

MCLC is footwear that empowers, MCLC was created during the COVID19 pandemic as a therapy session for the creator, envisioning unicorns and rainbows as a springboard of inspiration where MCLC was born, MCLC is all about inclusion, creating phenomenal designs that not just women can wear, but men also with their desire to enhance their taste of style.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

MCLC’s top seller for obvious reasons because of its striking beauty and bold appearance is The Balancing Act Boot made up of black and white textures and designs, the perfect unisex shoe that’s sized up to size 14, and are bought all year round no matter the season.

With high boots and mules following in the same suit as The Balancing Act Boot with like designs offered in varying colors, MCLC plans to add sandals very soon, as well as capitalizing on the current trend of platforms by adding a little height that only MCLC can, plus going above size 14 very soon with their entire unisex collection that’s having its first go around at Magic, where MCLC’s part of the 60+ new brands joining “Magic” this season.

Daniel Quintanilla

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