New York ‘Coterie’ & ‘Magic’ fashion trade show hits ‘Oscar’s’ resurgence pre ‘Oscar’s’ ceremony

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Tonight, all the buzz is about the 94th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars) returning to greener pastures like the Kodak Theater, having hosts again, being more entertaining, and movie lovers uniting for Hollywood’s big night, setting the stage for an “Oscar” resurgence like no other following the COVID19 pandemic, but 2 prominent events in New York City already achieved comeback status which “The Oscars” are on the hunt for, it’s Coterie & Magic shows that took place under one roof exactly one month ago today at the Javits Center.

Courtesy: Hailley Howard

As Daniel plus Lauren’s Daniel Quintanilla and colleague, Patricia Ann Parenti, were walking the Javits Center in late February, they witnessed Coterie & Magic seeing more foot traffic and participating vendors than ever before!!!!

Coterie saw more than 150 new brands being exhibited, with a total of 700 exhibiting companies on the showroom floor.

Magic saw more than 60 new brands exhibited at this show, a 36 percent increase from last September, with 300 brands on the showroom floor.

Retailer Attenance has also gone through an upswing at both Coterie & Magic, large store registration which includes chain stores and department stores has increased at the Javits Center, there’s also an upswing in international retailers, spanning over 80 countries who registered at last month’s 3 day premiere fashion trade show where retailers, exhibitors, and press unite as one.

Courtesy: Hailley Howard

As Coterie & Magic returned for its second live in-person event since COVID19 restrictions were first lifted last Summer, changes and adaptions made by trade show parent company, Informa, are clearly paying off, Kelly Hoffman, President of Informa Markets Fashion, says this February edition of Coterie & Magic are “much welcomed by the fashion community.

Our events serve the entirety of the fashion ecosystem, providing an all-encompassing platform from big box and department stores to boutique retailers to discover the latest products and new lines that will excite their customers.

We’ve continued to learn and adapt with what our industry needs in order to create an event that centers around our community.

We’re all about discovery, connection, and spotlighting the latest trends, so that brands, both established and emergent, have a voice to promote their product, and retailers are able to ink deals with the hottest new brands across multiple women’s categories spanning from advanced contemporary to trend.”

Courtesy: Hailley Howard

Holding the title as the premiere destination to see the runway front and center to make buys, show off, and go in-depth about what the fashion trends from participating brands will be this Fall/ Winter 2022-23 as well as this Spring/ Summer 2022, Coterie & Magic in resurgence in the new world of the fashion industry rolls out the red carpet who enter this world for 3 days every February and September following New York Fashion Week, it’s also about meeting new people, exchanging information to others about what you do, and having fun every opportunity there is that inspires confidence and hope for the future in what’s also a red carpet, social media driven, newsworthy event as Coterie & Magic take place, with the euphoria lasting long after Coterie & Magic are over.

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