Fram Oslo blankets ICFF/ WantedDesign with the best of Norway

Courtesy: Fram Oslo

The Warmth Of Home

A New York City day on a Monday afternoon usually involves pounding the pavement, hopping the MTA, rushing into a workplace where you’ll be for several hours till it’s time to clock out, but then there’s the ICFF/ WantedDesign home furnishings trade show in mid-May where home decor exhibitors from around the world descend on the Javits Center to show off inviting pieces for your home, like with Fram Oslo from Norway which Daniel plus Lauren came across to see how fabrics play different roles at home.

Fram Oslo is a family-owned company based out of Norway housing different designers who hold hundreds of years of Norway traditions near and dear to their heart, designers who make those long-standing traditions modern and functional in today’s world of home decors, Fram Oslo has a desire to develop high quality products with a modern and sustainable signature lasting for generations.

Courtesy: Fram Oslo

Fram Oslo is best known for their Bunad Blanket is designed by award winning Norwegian designer, Andreas Engesvik, where each blanket is made of 100 percent wool, relates directly to the colors of a corresponding Bunad, the Norwegian Bunad is one of the most visible and known traditions in Norwegian cultural heritage, Bunad is a name used for Norwegian traditional clothing and folk costumes.

For the most part, Norwegian climate is primarily cold, as the prime reason why blankets made of heavy fabrics are in Norway all-year-round, even in Summertime where also this time of years leans more on the cold side, blankets also spin-off in other home decors such as table cloths called Norwegian Forest in warm native colors, and blankets are also used as art decor because of its creative patterns and colors that display the Norwegian culture at its highest form.

Courtesy: Fram Oslo

Fram Oslo also goes beyond the blanket culture of Norway, they reach onto the modern and functional part of Norway with the Rundkast, a small wall cabinet, inspired by a closet found on Norwegian farms since the 1700’s, it was considered a key element of furniture design at that time, inspired by this historic furniture piece, Rundkast is an ultra-functional, and modern wall organizer.

The small open wall cabinet can be used in the hallway, for your keys, sunglasses, outerwear, umbrella, and small belongings, or in the kitchen, bedroom, or home office.

The circular front panel hides two shelves, one inside, and one on the top. On the bottom there are 4 practical hooks.

Next comes the Haldar, a wall rack that can be used in the hallway, kitchen or bedroom to help organize your belongings in a unique and stylish way, the name Haldar is a play on words and relates to Norwegian words for holding on to things, inspired by beautiful old kitchen towel holders commonly found in Norwegian families for generations.

Hundreds of years of tradition carried on through Norwegian culture along with the functions of climate and habitat are beautifully laid out with Fram Oslo in high quality heavy fabrics and ergonomically functional pieces that evolve according the times and trends without sacrificing true roots.

Daniel Quintanilla

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