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Courtesy: James Murray

JUNE 22, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY)

JAMES MURRAY has been rather well known and successful throughout his fifteen plus year career span in the New York Fashion Public Relations elite social circles.

Today, he has officially launched The Backstage Testimony of James Murray ( and it is now LIVE. At the age of eighteen, he moved to NYC from NJ to pursue his career in fashion, landed an internship at Donna Karan International, where he worked under ALIZA LICHT (Author of ‘Make Your Mark’), to which he dedicated his first article too. “How It All Started”.

James Murray has experienced the inner workings of some of the most notorious and storied fashion houses from the Versace press office, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and PR firms/Showrooms such as People’s Revolution, LAFORCE + STEVENS, and Showroom Seven/Seventh House PR.

He is best known for breaking out on his own as he launched SUPREME PUBLIC RELATIONS in 2016, which quickly became one of the leading boutique firms known for representing the latest most anticipated emerging fashion brands.

Supreme Public Relations was closed in 2020 officially due to various reasons, which will be ‘disclosed’ later on, which is basically an ‘autobiographical digital diary’, which James calls it.

He despises even the word ‘blog’, ‘bloggers’, and the whole ‘basic’ culture behind it (in his own words). “I am creating something new and REAL. These are very deep things I will be discussing eventually and I can promise you it looks light now, but eventually shit will hit the fan”.

James has described this project as the story of his rise to fame, fall, and now re-birth and re-invention of himself both personally and professionally.

He believes that the many experiences he has personally undergone and witnessed firsthand will not only entertain and shock people, but actually maybe help them from making the same mistakes or learning from his.

Although the ‘digital diary’ isn’t considered a blog, it definitely features three different subscription levels that contain MUCH MORE than just content.

Clearly, he has connections through Chanel beauty, soap & glory, revlon, pop beauty, among various others who we believe are sponsoring product for his subscribers ‘gift bags’ (yes, the subscriptions come with bi-weekly to monthly depending on the type you get gift bags filled with top notch goodies).

It might be worth it just to subscribe for that! In addition to the products, discounts on botox and filler, event invitations, and much more.

The packages are as follows:

1) The A List Package – top tier subscription for $15.99/month – see website for all details

2) The Almost Famous Package – mid tier – see website for details

3) The Come Up Package – low tier – see website for details

James has stated that he will be disclosing ‘deeply personal stories’, ‘newsworthy information’, and ‘extremely controversial subject matter’ that pertains to some real ‘tea’, supposedly which he is known for having. “Behind the fame, the clothes, the makeup, the venues, the glamor…there is A LOT of ugly too”, he states.

And there are always two sides to every story, so why not tell both about this one?”, he states.

An article was published on him circa 2018 titled “What Really Happens Behind The Scenes at New York Fashion Week”?

When asked about that article he says “my responses, reading them now…literally make me want to cringe. I feel like such a fraud reading that. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do…however, I think the world is ready now for the real story. Both the good and the bad, so that we can hopefully make this industry a better place and pave the way for future generations to evolve through it, as opposed to destroying it (which is what I see happening every day)”, says the Publicist.

The next 7 days free of should definitely be interesting.

As of now, there is no line up because there isn’t supposed to be. “Everything will come out when it’s ready and you will know when it does”, states James Murray, the author.

Instagram: @backstagetestimonynyc


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