Lauren Conrad lands in New York’s SoHo via Planet Oat

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Goodies W/O Guilt

If there’s a place where it’s best to be expressive with the arts, fashion, dance, and even food, then it’s New York City, but more specifically, it’s the curative destination best known as SoHo where all is expressed, and legends are born, it’s where Lauren Conrad was Thursday as Lauren discovered a new planet, Planet Oat that is who’s best known for oat milk and is opening a brand-new store this week in SoHo known as The Planet Oat Marketplace filled with treats, and a brownie recipe Lauren made that you can spot in Lauren’s Instagram story.

The mission behind Planet Oat is that it prides itself in being dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free, the goodness of oat milk goes beyond your morning coffee, cereal, and smoothies, it also finds its place for those who have dietary restrictions and can’t handle fore-mentioned foods that cause food allergies.

If you’re in New York’s SoHo this weekend or very soon, take Lauren’s advice and stop over at The Planet Oat Marketplace so you can buy your own oat milk made brownies which Lauren loves with a passion, as well as other Uber-popular treats that come from this milk-alternative which inspires a triage of super-delicious and sweet treats where guilt is not an issue for these guilt-free options.

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