Curve New York bridges bridal & lingerie with Carol Coelho intimates collection

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Curve New York held their semi-annual intimates trade show this past Sunday in New York City for 3 days at Spring Studios in Tribeca with an eye on Spring/ Summer 2023’s latest bras, panties, activewear, swimwear that will surely be the rage of every retailer buying inventory for what should be a more upbeat year following the great summer comeback of 2022, Daniel plus Lauren today eyes a great Monday find at Curve with Carol Coelho, closing the gap between bridal and lingerie to become one with their namesake collection.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Started in 2012, Carol Coelho coins the term, and holds the title of creating a bridal lingerie intimates collection where the fabrics used to make a wedding gown are used to design her pair of bra and panties that take sheer, satin, and lace designs taken from a wedding dress that place extremely well on the most private and personal part of a woman’s soul.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

In turn, Carol Coelho turns around to create lingerie inspire outerwear beyond the bedroom with intimates inspired pieces such as blouse, skirts, dresses, robes, Carol’s story started when a friend asked her to create a wedding dress inspired by lingerie design, Carol ended up making 3 dresses in the same order for others who requested it, only to discover there’s a market for bridal lingerie with lingerie inspired outerwear.

Colors such as red, brown, yellow and blue in bras, panties, sheer teddies, tops, and swimwear are also on the forefront of Carol Coelho’s bridal lingerie collection, joining transparent, and opaque pieces inspired by wedding dresses of all kinds to not only make up what’s also an inclusive collection, but a beautiful collection that gives all women a chance to take the 2 most precious things in their lives that are bridal and lingerie to join the outerwear of their everyday life.

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