The new COTERIE NEW YORK engages to connect with people, sustainability, and technology

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Coterie trade show, a fashion connection between retailers and brands since 1986, announced a new revolution today for its upcoming show taking place September 18 to September 20 at the Javits Center in New York City, it’s not just retailers it’s connecting to like it has for 36 years, but now Coterie (now known as COTERIE NEW YORK) will be about connecting with the individual that is you, the new march of fashion which is being sustainable, and using technology to take you beyond the trade room floor.

It takes people to make a show like COTERIE NEW YORK a success, the people that are the businesses, buyers, and sellers of COTERIE NEW YORK are those same people that go by their own energies, lifestyles, culture, and fashion that meet other people to infuse and connect their common/ contrasting interest that make it possible for the next incredible chapter in fashion.

Sustainability for the past 2 years has risen from casual idea to now the main idea that’ll lead the future of fashion, COTERIE NEW YORK will now put sustainability front and center, featuring the best sustainable contemporary brands that design and produce their collections to last beyond one season or one trend of fashion, season-less/ trend-less collections will also address key issues of sustainability via on-site experience and live programming.

COTERIE NEW YORK will not just be an experience that can only be enjoyed at the Javits Center in New York City’s Hudson Yards, COTERIE NEW YORK will go beyond in-person by using technology and digital experiences to connect to Next Gen Fashion, COTERIE NEW YORK will use digital fashion such as NFT’s, avatars, 3D printing, and such, as well as Web3, and other new retail technology to blend the future of COTERIE NEW YORK with real life impact caused by interactions made with what the online world has to offer.

COTERIE NEW YORK has all the key components necessary and above to be in a great place to last for many years to come, navigating not only the current footprints left by global crisis and trends made by generations past and present, but is ready to adapt, evolve, and pivot to whatever the world calls for, year in, and year out.

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