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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Before July ended in New York City, Evolution Concepts held its first annual underwear, swimwear, and activewear trade show in midtown Manhattan, Daniel plus Lauren got to know one of the youngest intimates start-ups out in the industry today, it’s Amour Cache, where there’s no limit to how intimates are expressed on you.

Amour Cache started last Fall by two young ladies who’s idea of intimates are a bra and and panty for whatever stage in life you are currently at, it’s not just about what your level of sex appeal, it’s either you feel daring to express your true self, or at the stage where your breasts and you also have gone through a traumatic health transformation, bras specifically made for you just going through a major mastectomy, needing not only confidence, but comfort in wearing a bra again.

Amour Cache’s top seller are traditional white lace bras with detailed bustier features, it’s a best-seller on their website, as well as in boutiques where they’ve recently expanded into, the newest Amour Cache bras including nursing bras comfortable for you to breastfeed, and colorful bras that are a cause for you to be more risqué with your taste, all leading to a tremendous bra/ panties collections that fits beautifully on you.

Daniel Quintanilla

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