Evolution Concepts lingerie show big on The Little Bra Company

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

A Small Overlap

When Daniel plus Lauren went to the first-ever Evolution Concepts underwear trade show back in late July, an array of collections graced the high rise space in midtown Manhattan, ranging from young collections, to brands that have been around for many years, one of those brands doing great things since starting in 2007 is The Little Bra Company, enhancing possibilities for women on the small side.

The Little Bra Company is an intimates/ activewear company especially catered to petite women around the world, fulfilling the cups of small chested women, but also petite women who are blessed with being well-endowed, The Little Bra Company ranges from size A to size triple D, and come in 21 different sizes, The Little Bra Company also has many bras either wired, wire-free, lace-bound, wide set, closed set, or solid color bras with padding or without padding, also in delightful colors, that fit the look a petite woman is out to find that show off her wonderful girls.

The Little Bra Company and their best-sellers include the Sascha strapless bra for that much-needed freedom, and the Yvonne bra that’s a padded traditional bra popping with white straps sand peach-colored cups, TLBC also gets active with their very own take on a petite sports bra, plus swimwear joins in TLBC’s party started by a woman named Emily back in 2007, who was in search of the perfect petite bra for Emily, but couldn’t find it, so this enormous collection of beautiful petite bras and intimates were born, giving petite women a new place to give themselves a lift.

Daniel Quintanilla

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