Inflation hits Thanksgiving dinner 13.5% higher from 2021; a Charlie Brown style dinner could drastically cut costs

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Barely hours after Halloween ended, IRi released a pretty grim report Tuesday about the next holiday on the docket, Thanksgiving, you can expect to pay 13.5 percent higher than last year for your Thanksgiving dinner taking place 3 weeks from today for all ingredients, side dishes, meats, and desserts involved, and yes, you’ll be paying big for the turkey too, but there’s a solution that could help you save big money for that yearly meal, just turn on your T.V., or turn out your childhood memories, and look to the holiday experts of the Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown especially, about how to put a good Thanksgiving dinner together, as if you were just paying 5 cents per side.

Forget all the foods that come at a tremendous cost, look at the shocking image of a scared Charlie Brown with an angry Peppermint Patty, they’ve got foods that will save you a ton of money at the supermarket, it’s carb based, but it’ll fill you up quick, with a little fat dairy condiment on the side.

White Bread: You can’t go wrong with the most filling piece of food on the planet, it satisfies your appetite, and it holds you over for hours, and it’s better toasted.

Butter: Not everyone likes their toast plain, and jelly along with peanut butter has gotten costly too, butter’s pretty high, but it goes good with the theme, and it’s the only spread needed for your hot toast.

Pop Corn: There’s nothing like adding a little crunch to your meal, having a nice big bowl of pop corn no matter what flavor on your table is always fun to spread around, and you can always go for seconds.

Pretzel Sticks: Pretzels come 2 ways, soft, and hard, but hard pretzels are more affordable and you can buy them in tremendous bulk, have many bags of pretzel sticks ready to go for your guests, they get hungry quick.

Jelly Beans: Finally, the ultimate finisher to this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving economical meal, Jelly Beans may be lingering around your house leftover from Halloween (more so than Candy Corn), or even Easter, they’ll come in handy as a great dessert, and finally signal to your brain that your full, you could never go wrong with Jelly Beans, no matter the size or brand you buy.

And if you wanna get some alcohol in there at an affordable price, load up on good, cheap bottles of wine or vodka straight, and beer for a little variety that’s mid-priced and gets you buzzed, happy, and chatty in no time.

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