Negris Lebrum Puts the Deadly Impact of Gun Violence on the Global Stage

Courtesy: Negris LeBrum

The Message

In a world of “thoughts and prayers” and the heartbreaking impact of gun violence, international luxury brand Negris Lebrum (NL) sent a strong message to the world: No more guns. Opening its fall runway shows with a cream sweater and matching knee-high socks displaying the image of a machine rifle with an “X” through it, the brand is urging fashion insiders, stakeholders, and consumers to do their part to eradicate gun violence. The new collection premiered on October 22 in Houston and in September during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

“Gun violence is a global human rights issue that threatens everyone in every country, state and nation across the world,” said NL Lead Designer and Creative Director Travis Hamilton about the opening look immediately after the show. “Our brand has been grounded in history and social purpose and our customers know this. Sending this look down the runway not only displays trend and fashion but gives them something to talk about. We always want to be in that conversation.”

Following the strong opening, look was a parade of colors, prints, and sequins capturing the excitement of the upcoming Spring and Summer season and the strength of the brand. The line showcased iridescent colors, floral-printed sequins, red silk chiffon and satin silks. Named “Black to Basic,” the collection marked the 10th anniversary of showing at NYFW and the growth of the brand.

Fashion designers and houses across the world continue to use their garments as ways to symbolize societal change. A form of art, fashion has been traditionally used by artists to convey ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Hamilton’s newest design is no different. The foundation of the brand has always been rooted in the Negris love story. Each collection is defined by the boldness of the color black which reflects the brand slogan: Lenoir est Joli.

Pairing cool, exciting, and new with meaningful, resonating, and opinionated, NL speaks to current societal issues while appealing to seasons and overall fashion industry forecasts.

One way, in particular, is through the pairing for high-quality knee-high socks. Included throughout the new collection, NL sock designs featured logo monogram print, matching fabric colors, and other innovative prints. The brand provides custom options for consumers – men and women – that simultaneously can tell a bigger story and message.  In fact, each “No Gun” sweater can also be paired with matching with a monogram gun with a red X through it.

This pairing takes the look directly from the runway to the streets.

“Lovers of our brand are lovers of society – people who stand up for what is right and speak for others,” continued Hamilton. The brand was inspired from an incredible love story that began in the 1940s, between a beautiful French Creole woman, Negris, and a handsome black man, Sam LeBrum. Society frowned upon their union making it difficult for them to be together. In the end, the two were brought together by a force so strong – love. Through fashion, their story is still being shared with the world. From then until today, our mission and urgency have never changed and as we grow we will continue to show this to our consumers providing them with ways to make their own statements whomever they are and wherever they come from.

Daniel Quintanilla

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