VIVACIOUS HONEY’s Thanksgiving Day fashion for a big meal


Cozy After Stuffing

We’ve been there, and we’re going there again this Thanksgiving Day in less than a 3 weeks, we’re going to be eating a massive amount of food when we attend or make our own Thanksgiving Dinner, and it’s gonna be hard to breathe or even move afterwards, so white-hot YouTube Fashion Guru, VIVACIOUSHONEY, picks out 4 Thanksgiving Day outfits that are chic and comfy.

The first outfit you’ll see is a midi or maxi skirt for ultimate comfort, this 2-piece brown top and skirt must is perfect as your abs fill up where also a stretchy waistband is intuitive, the second outfit also does brown crop top with plaid pants, but the go-to must be pants with a side zipper paired with a cardigan so you can hide your unzipped side, outfit number 3 is a sweater dress or an oversized top where non-form fitting is truly your best friend on Thanksgiving, and the fourth and final outfit is a super-stretchy jumpsuit that brings coziness to the max.

However comfy you want to be dress this Thanksgiving Day, brace yourself for the 13.5 percent price increase of Thanksgiving Dinner from last year thanks to inflation, but Daniel plus Lauren has an old “Charlie Brown” idea for an affordable Thanksgiving Dinner, and you can still be stylish and stuffed eating pretzel sticks and jelly beans.

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