Nick Cordero’s mother, Lesley Cordero, passes away, Amanda Kloots reveals

Courtesy: Amanda Kloots Instagram

Beloved All The Way

Lesley Cordero, the faithful mom, who was proud to be the mother of the late and great, Nick Cordero, has died, Lesley was also the mother-in-law of Nick’s widow, Amanda Kloots, who broke this heartbreaking news on Friday.

Courtesy: Amanda Kloots Instagram

Amanda reveals she got close to Nick’s mom as Nick battled COVID-19 for 95 days before dying from the virus on July 5, 2020.

Along with the heartbreak of losing her son, Nick, to a global pandemic, Lesley was there for those wonderful moments such as the birth of Nick and Amanda’s son, Elvis, who was born in June 10, 2019, 13 months before Nick’s death.

Lesley was also there to see Elvis grow into a wonderful child, who’s now just about 4 months away from turning 4-years-old.

Courtesy: Amanda Kloots Instagram

Lesley too got to share moments with her son, Nick, before COVID-19 took over his body to eventually succumb to the virus, like be by her son’s side as Amanda gave birth to Nick’s son, Elvis, plus those lighthearted moments of celebration during family gatherings.

Despite losing her son, Nick, to COVID-19, Lesley in every step of the way was there especially for Nick’s grieving widow, Amanda, who experienced the greatest trauma of all after witnessing her husband, Nick, suffer from the viral effects of COVID-19, then seeing Nick die from COVID, followed by an enormous grieving period where Amanda truly had to struggle to find her way back, in search of a way to move on from the loss of Nick.

Having close friends and family by Amanda’s side truly helped Amanda deal with Nick’s death, Nick’s son, Elvis, represents that one true spirit that keeps Nick alive for Elvis’s mother, Amanda, where Nick lives on everyday.

Also in that circle that keeps Nick alive for Amanda was Lesley, where there would not have been a Nick Cordero on this Earth for Leslie, if it wasn’t for Lesley giving birth to such a beautiful son, who left so many gifts to those he loved, Amanda felt incredible incredible comfort in Lesley once Nick was gone, in spite of Lesley coping with her own grief as she too lost Nick to COVID, who indeed was very close to her son.

As the Cordero family deals with the loss of yet another beloved member only 2 and a half years after Nick’s death, Amanda too also expresses how hard losing Lesley is for her, which is something Amanda cannot seem to make sense of, there is no easy road as one experiences the process of death, loss, and grief.

For all who loved Nick, losing Lesley is also an extension of grief after Nick’s passing, along with reliving once again what it was like to lose Nick, as well as grieving for the loving individual that was Lesley.

Here is what Amanda Kloots wrote on her Instagram post, shortly after learning about the death of Lesley Cordero.

“Lesley and I got very close when Nick got sick. We were soldiers going to battle every day, fighting for the man we loved. We traded hours at the hospital and comforted each others tears at night. She was a powerhouse, a woman of great strength and great advice. She was a huge help to me as a fellow widow, understanding how to navigate this new life.

Nick and Lesley were very close. He talked to her pretty much every day. He called her “momsie”. Their relationship was one of the first things that I loved about Nick. I admired their honesty, their friendship, and their incredible bond. Nick always encouraged Lesley’s passion to be an artist. After losing her husband and Nick she dove into her art and started a business selling her paintings all over the world.

This one is hard for me. I don’t know how to make sense of it, there actually isn’t a way. It is not fair. This is when I absolutely hate death, loss and grief. My heart goes out to the Cordero family, literally the strongest family I know. I’m honored to know them, love them, and call them my brother and sister.

Mom, my hope is that you are with Nick and Eduardo now, wrapped in their arms. That you are at peace – healthy, happy, no longer in any pain or suffering. What you dealt with the last 6 years of your life was insurmountable but you still got up every day and kept living. You showed us all what courage looks like. You truly did Live Your Life. You were the definition of resilience.

I will miss you tremendously. Thank you for loving me, taking me in as your daughter. Thank you for loving Elvis and being the best grandma. Rest in peace mom. I’ll love you forever 🤍”

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