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We all want to be our own boss, we believe we have a great idea, product, and service that needs attention to those currently underserved by it, so we want to start our own business, execute our plan of action before we officially open our doors, but there’s a basic beginning to get your business started in just one day, that’s where my friends at Social Health Today chime in, providing valuable feedback and content on how to go about your everyday life, having better mental health and physical health.

Social Media Today also supplies valuable information about taking your career in the right direction, and helping you move forward after you’ve lost a position, today is no different as SMT gets your business plan jumpstarted, with a one day plan of how to start your business, guiding you hour by hour on what your task need to be, even being productive while you sip coffee and eat breakfast, also going as far as to advising you to create a budget for your business, exactly one hour before you take your break for lunch.

Start a Business in Just 8 Hours!

While starting a business seems like a mammoth task, there are still ways you can manage your day so that you don’t feel like everything is coming at you all at once. Here’s how to manage your time correctly so you can do as much as possible in an eight-hour period.

Dedicate your first hour to…

Figuring out what your goals are from a business as well as a lifestyle perspective. It’s also about figuring out where you want to be in the short to long term and how you envision getting there on your own terms.

Think of a unique idea

Want to establish where you wish to be in the future? The next step is deciding on a unique idea that will be the mechanism to get you there. Again, limit this to just an hour in which you do all your creative brainstorming to come up with a fresh concept that you feel would succeed. Before you act on your first idea, be sure to dedicate some of this hour to market research to see if people want your product or service in the first place. BuzzSumo is an excellent tool to use if you have limited time at your disposal.

Think of a legal structure

The next step is dedicating a solid hour to imagining what the perfect business structure would look like for you. Of course, you want a business structure that will offer you something in return, such as better tax rebates and more flexibility or limited liability, for instance. Getting an LLC is an excellent option to look into if you want to cut straight to the chase and take advantage of the benefits listed above (and a couple more). Use a formation service to speed up the process even more, as they can do everything for you regarding your business registration at a much lower fee than using a lawyer to do the same.

Use the hour before lunchtime to create a budget

Deciding how much finance you can put towards an office rental, equipment, and furniture to establish your office is also going to be an essential step. Since many new entrepreneurs find sufficient startup capital difficult to come by, you might also want to start looking up places that offer small business loans so that you don’t have to stress about how to come up with a deficit.

Your after-lunch time

separate business bank account is also a vital next step. From a tax perspective, it is legally necessary to keep your personal and business income and expenses separate.  Having a different business bank account will also give you better control over your business finances when you have to audit your financials.

Before you knock off

Think about how your business will be portrayed in the public eye. As a starting point, you could start thinking of your business logo and slogan, as well as the brand colors you feel would apply well to your offering. A graphic designer can help you with these. Thinking about a website is also crucial because this is often the primary way businesses are noticed online.

Paying attention to these crucial factors right from the very start can set your business up for success. And it doesn’t even have to take months to do, as you can see from the example above. In just a day, you can begin to visualize and implement the steps needed to start a business today.

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