Informa and Fashion Snoops with the Men’s AW 23/24 trends

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A Time Of Difference

Not even 20 days into 2023, we find ourselves wondering about the future, what the next weeks and months will be, even what we want the new year and beyond this year to become for us, what is fast approaching is the Fall and Winter 2023/ 2024 fashion season, and as always, now’s the time to reveal trends taking us onto next Winter, starting with Men’s as Informa Markets Fashion partners with Fashion Snoops today to bring you 4 Design Aesthetics (Mystic, Poetic, Untamed, & Paradox) in a season involving contrast, uncertainty in a changing world, where men demand to feel grounded, comforted, and inspired.

This new season that cries for the world to shy away from a continuous moving cycle and hard moments in favor of slower and easier pace of life also answers the call for men to be inspired, drawing inspiration from movie-like, daydream-inspired vignettes of daily surroundings to a whole new appreciation for the ancient, mystical wisdom of the universe, chopped full of juxtapositions, complex craft, and a strong reconnection to our natural instincts, leading us to an authentic place without any traditions and order blocking the road ahead.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion

Goth and grunge in cold weather experienced uncomfortably has never been so fresh and new as it is now, workwear and outdoor attire savors the hard-knock industrial darkly feel, deliberately distressed looks adding gloom and edge, color palettes for the mystical at heart include a romantic spell of bloodstone, coal, nocturnal, jade, and skyfall for new life in jewel tones, men’s contemporary includes chem camo trucker, dipped moto, tension straps, and shredded overcoat, young men’s include monochrome shirt, embellished trucker, spellbound pant, and hi-shine shirt jacket, key accessories are found in midnight tones, leather cut-outs, rubber capped boot, and double buckle cuff, key materials include grungy embellishment, metallic yarns and coatings, chrome free leathers, and superfine gauge knits, key print and pattern involve supernatural speckle, mineral marble, shadow work dyes, and nocturnal tropics, and the key mystic takeaways are harnessing the unseen, provoking awe, and not being afraid of the dark.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion

Stepping out of the fast-paced and cruel world, Men’s AW23-24 choose more simpler times that are coined as poetic, deciding to look at life through a softer lens, a bucolic charm of time-honored homespun knits that influence simpler times, forget production according to body size or fast fashion of the day, focus on the general store idea of fashion, where pieces are made without seasonal limitations, and made to be one size fits all, color palettes include hazel, oolong, greige, winter sun, and cherry ice for retro-inspired feel, men’s contemporary includes extreme cable knit, country leisure set, origami sweater, and farmhouse work jacket, young men’s include XXL sweater, conversational layers, novelty outerwear, and kitsch intarsia, key accessories consist of cozy comforts, felted work clog, crochet beret, and shearling tote, key materials are novel woolens, vintage denims, heirloom-inspired quilting, and crafted cables, key print and pattern includes sentimental stripe, folklore rhythm, curious craft, and plaid vignette, and the key takeaway involve telling your story, elevating the familiar, and leading with your instincts.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion

If you’re feeling “Good As Hell” like Lizzo, or you wanna tell your story in the most unleashed way possible like you would in “Cabaret Burlesque” at Broadway Dance Center, then you’ve come to the right place with the untamed in Men’s AW 23/24, overgrown textures, soil influenced hues, and patterns of nature that are organic, raw, and untouched version of the outdoors, wild intrigue at its finest where the COVID-19 pandemic outdoor life continues to exist, color palettes include compost, willow, supernatural, ochre, and greige laying out the greens and taupe to be outside control, men’s contemporary include erratic intarsia, tattered repairs, shaggy outerwear, and wild camouflage, young men’s include statement puffer, brushed sweater, overgrown yarns, and twisted seams, key accessories are unruly textures, bright hiker, knit balaclava, and raffia inset half moon, key materials include plant-based leathers, tangled knits, wooly felts, and distressed bases, key print and pattern include uncultivated, modern bark, visceral warmth, and spotted synesthesia, and the key takeaways include foraging and fabricating, leveraging underground wisdom, and leaning into discomfort.

Courtesy: Informa Markets Fashion

Most moments that are surreal appear to be unexplained, leaving us in a not so comfortable accord, these are known as a paradox, leaving us to question what we know and believe, but the paradox of Men’s AW 23/24 also possess those same aspects, but it leaves us in a unusual place of comfort and protection, organic contrast of tailored activewear and utilitarian spin on luxury, an ultra-modern way to update athleisure since COVID-19, color palettes include lucite, snowdrop, introspect, latte, and ice on sweet natured pastels, contemporary includes split panel pant, puffer sweatshirt, tailored rugged, and formal utility, young men’s are swirly puffer, leisure suit, techno glam, and soft tailored, key accessories include glossy bucket, geometric loafers, angular frames, and compact box shape, key materials include performance shells, new reflectives, wellness fabric infusions, and clean & crisp surfaces, key print and pattern include spectrum, dichotomy diptych, reality melt, and heat simulation, and the key takeaways of paradox are thinking phygitally, activating optimism, and mobilizing paradox thinking.

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