Lasvit is heading to ICFF in New York City, where 3 new stellar collections will be presented

Courtesy: Lasvit

Prague, 16 March 2023

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) will take place 21–23 May in New York City.

It is the most important American fair for
contemporary furniture and interior accessories and Lasvit, the world-renowned Czech glassmaking and design company, will feature a booth where it will present its best-sellers as well as some of its most striking recent collections.

Courtesy: Lasvit

The overarching theme of their New York presentation will be the starry night, developing on the groundbreaking Constellation collection.

The company will also present its Symbioosa collection, made with the help of mycelium, and the new Miles collection designed for Lasvit by Yabu Pushelberg.

The Constellation lighting collection has a natural place at New York’s ICFF, as the night sky
above the American metropolis served as the original inspiration for the award-winning
architects David Rockwell.

Courtesy: Lasvit

In his design for Lasvit, he drew on watching the stars in the heavens but was also inspired by the iconic mural inside the Grand Central Terminal.

The Constellation collection originally included three lighting designs, but due to the increase in
demand it has grown – the six starry constellations are now available in four versions: lighting
fixture, wall sconce, a floor lamp and a table lamp.

Lasvit will feature some of them at ICFF – the Cassiopeia constellation for the ceiling and wall, Ursa Minor as a ceiling fixture, Tri Star as
a wall-sconce, Polaris representing the floor lamp, and Gemini in the form of a table lamp.

The individual lighted “stars” of the Constellation series mounted on the walls or ceiling are connected by a metal structure.

Lasvit’s ICFF booth will also present the Miles collection, designed for Lasvit by Yabu Pushelberg.
Miles is inspired by many parallels between music making and glass blowing.

Formally there is a clear nod to brass instruments, an image that springs to mind when watching Lasvit’s craftspeople blowing glass.

Less clear is the constant balance that must be maintained when pushing glass making to its limit, one between innovation and the physical constraints of the material and techniques.

We might see that same balancing act being performed during a trumpet player’s solo
or a jazz vocalist’s scat.

Courtesy: Lasvit

Simple outer casings house the curvaceous and elegantly fluted horn shapes within. When
stacked, these linked inner forms become a rhythmic sculpture of light, one that draws attention but is in harmony with any setting.

Lasvit will also present the outcome of their collaboration with the LLEV studio. The result is the
Symbioosa collection, which is made with the help of moulds made out of mycelium.

The shape of this natural material directly inspired and facilitated the creation of the unique Symbioosa lighting.

The Symbioosa collection constitutes the first time that Lasvit has used a two-channel system where the users can dim the light on a spectrum ranging from white to yellow, as well as select
its intensity and composition.

This ensures that the light is synchronized with the time of day and with the human body’s biorhythms.

The system thus allows the lights to live in perfect
symbiosis with their users.

The show will also feature Lasvit’s bestsellers, among them the crystal chandeliers designed for
Lasvit by designers Plecháč & Wielgus and Arik Levy.


Lasvit is a global pacesetter for creating daring, unique spacial and lighting experiences that are designed to elevate the feelings and the aesthetic taste of everyone.

Founded by Leon Jakimič, Lasvit is a visionary
leader in the design industry with a boundless optimism and passion for making inviting art and design by fusing the traditional with the modern.

A progressive spacial concept company schooled in the long tradition of Bohemian glassmaking, Lasvit is a hub of uniquely creative art, design and production talent that creates breathtaking bespoke
installations exhibited the world over, as well as uniquely stunning glass lighting and glassware

Lasvit’s unformulaic and bold approach has captivated the global design industry, even winning them thedesign “Oscar” award at Salone del Mobile.

Over the years, Lasvit has attracted renowned designers and artists who wish to collaborate with a unique and unconventional Czech company.

Together with such influential voices as The Campana Brothers, Kengo Kuma, Yabu Pushelberg, Nendo and Ross Lovegrove, Lasvit has helped their partners create the most unforgettable glass collections through uninhibited artistry and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Lasvit is dedicated to a singular mission: To “Lift everyone” by creating sublime spacial experiences that touch the soul of all who look upon them.

Lift Everyone.

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