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Informa & Fashion Snoops

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It’s been over 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic came and put us on lockdown, followed by the world opening back up again, but we did gain a game-changing consumer perspective in that break from the rat race, we built our lives around a digital universe, shopping online for fashion comforts, binging on Netflix, ordering groceries, and baking bread offline, we also grew tired of the typical online experience, we ventured into avatars, NFT’s, augmented reality, and the metaverse, now we want a consumer-driven experience not only that’s digital, but feels like you, innovative, and expressive to the touch with all the cool tech tools there are, Wednesday’s Informa & Fashion Snoops “Marketing Innovations” focuses how you can get on the ground floor of creating an immersive experience for your business, to engage better with your consumers.

Informa & Fashion Snoops

Web3 & NFT’s

How can a random image of an NFT be so priceless? Well, for one, it gets traded and becomes a must-have for content creators and Influencers, then there’s Web3, a decentralized 3.0 version of the world-wide-web where everything you see belongs to the user who created it, companies like Nike are expanding their shoe business onto NFT’s, where the limits of creation are now sky’s the limit, it’s also a match made in Heaven with Web3 space that’s your own, and not corporate, NFT’s also now use Ethereum as a blockchain model, where 99 percent less energy is used.

Informa & Fashion Snoops

The Metaverse

When Facebook came under fire for allowing disinformation to go unchecked, plus hiding the negative effects of mental health on teenagers, Facebook weeks later introduced the world to… “The Metaverse”, an digital space for individuals to communicate via virtual reality, augmented reality, avatars, and gaming, it’s also a new way for businesses to engage with their consumers, using these same AR’s, VR’s, and avatars to help buyers with fittings of shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, and creating looks; Gen Z is the only challenge for brands to engage with in the metaverse, start with gaming, partner with brands with audiences already, keep engagement simple, and start with 2D web for initial accessibility.

Informa & Fashion Snoops

The Spatial Web

The smartphone you have in your hands is a very powerful tool, one tap opens the door to the world, but the web also exist right in the middle of thin air, 3D technology powered by voice and gesture commands, augmented reality you can see appear where more brands and businesses have now relied on it to engage their customers, plus AR involves less hardware, it’s also viable, and scalable, and AR campaigns prove 50 percent more powerful with 6 percent purchase power, consumers dwell on AR longer, and highly more interactive than other media campaigns.

Informa & Fashion Snoops

Simulated Reality

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough virtual reality and augmented reality to sail you into the future and keep your customers coming back, you haven’t seen another form of reality, it’s called simulated reality, where traditional billboards for example are seeing new life thanks to 3D, a combination display technology and inventive film technology that bring typical still images to life, an illusion visible to the naked eye, what’s not an illusion is how expensive simulated reality is, but 3D billboards prove much attentive, and the cost to use 3D billboards are going down as more outlets adopt this means of promotion.

Informa & Fashion Snoops

User-Generated Content Tools

The next big social media influencer who takes the global landscape by storm is highly attainable as you think, it’s you, user-generated content (UFC) is quickly becoming a key component for brands and businesses to engage with their consumer, where celebrity influencers made up of picture-perfect scenarios are now tired among the consumer, especially as Gen Z and millennials struggle to make ends meet with just one job, consumers are in need of those who are just like them, they need influencers who work a regular job just like they do, brands are out to engage what use to be their audience, now known as their community, to their products as other buyers want to know more about how other buyers are utilizing the product they want to buy, consumers need to trust that they can buy your product, they need proof and assurance from someone like them who on the same level they are, no higher or lower, only use a celebrity influencer if need be that’s relevant to your brand.

Technology can, is, and will indeed play a pivotal role in not only the fashion industry recovering from the upheaval that took place years ago, thanks to social media, plus brick and mortar businesses switching to online pre-COVID-19, but will put forth an all out effort to regain a foothold on the buying public as fashion moves into a more inclusive, sustainable, locally produced, 3D print, digitally native, and an immediately responsive business model of the fashion industry where trends can be turned around, not in 50 weeks, but 4 weeks, and much like the music industry eventually evolving into the Taylor Swift model as a whole, the fashion industry will be driven by one thing, AI.

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