Kristin Cavallari pleads for Instagram to narrow name searches in a little black dress


I Need To Find You

With all that Kristin Cavallari has to manage on a daily basis, from reality TV fame, to raising 3 kids, to running her very own wildly popular business that’s Uncommon James, Kristin kicked off her 4th Of July weekend tonight in a stunning strapless little black dress with long high heel sandals, and passed along an idea to Instagram, making it easier to find someone who looks at her Instagram Story.

As you and Daniel Plus Lauren can imagine, Kristin has millions of people looking on her Instagram each and every day, not only with Kristin’s regular posts, but the always delightful, informative, and live-speak of her Instagram Story, because Kristin provides so much style, home ideas, and family insight to her IG Story, Kristin wants Instagram to install a feature where Kristin can search a specific person that views her Instagram Story, and find them instantly, without wondering if that particular Instagram account viewed her story, or not.

Daniel Quintanilla

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