Olivia Rodrigo premieres ‘Vampire’ single & music video for upcoming ‘GUTS’ album


Blood Is Everlasting

Olivia Rodrigo finally released new music today overnight at the stroke of midnight with her first single off her sophomore album, “GUTS”, that is “Vampire”, a beautiful telling of a girl who found herself made a fool of after seething on the blood of a guy she thought she loved, but was blindsided by his deception.

Olivia is at an all time high when the music video starts, singing in front of an attentive audience, just waiting to see her beautiful performance, but that’s where it unfolds badly for Olivia as the lights explode and come crashing down, but Olivia is determined to keep going in spite of the sudden onslaught Olivia meets on stage.


No matter the lionhearted effort Olivia puts forth, that doesn’t stop security and police officers who want Olivia offstage and in custody, and it’s in that very moment Olivia relies on her beautiful voice and song notes to tell the world that all these red flags were there about the guy, a.k.a. “Vampire” that only came out at night.

Surely, there’s no smoke and mirrors with this first single off “GUTS” due out on September 8, it’s a delicately, well-told story, and a musical arrangement of a piano-driven ballad that deserves nothing but praise for its simple, yet poignant lay out of Olivia’s gateway into adulthood, with this dark, but straightforward feeling of deception told with the amazing gift that Olivia Rodrigo brings to the next generation of pop artists, providing the foundation with the next step for the music industry.

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