Men’s spring/ summer 2024 Informa & Fashion Snoops trends outlook stresses fluid aesthetics


Beyond The Traditional Cut

It’s that time again for DANIEL PLUS LAUREN to lay out the men’s trends forecasted by Informa and Fashion Snoops for next spring and summer, SS24 will continue its quest for men and fluid individuals to be in search of meaningful purpose, not willing to be boxed into the constraints of men’s fashion, allowing it to open itself up to looser designs, a boxed look reminiscent of the 90’s, plus yarns close to grandma styles worn by those as old as 45-years-old, to as young as 19-years-old.



Men’s fashion has been in search of answers to their well-being while finding a spiritual purpose over the last 2 years, SS24 continues that divine intervention with modern monastic shapes, time-honored crafts, and mother nature’s limitless dispense, humbleness is also at play this season as we see now with GEN Z, no need to try hard with eye-popping body parts on display, color is heavenly expressed with such prism in maple rock, grapevine, rose, and indigo, silhouettes stay basic, easy going, and influenced by workplace but softened to bring indigo basics, holiday shorts, and mixed motifs.



Inquiring minds want to know what the next step is, where do our journeys take us next, which causes us to have a weird feeling everyday since you haven’t done anything like this before, we combine feminine flamboyance and surreal moments with textures that tickle our fancies, self-expression is highly relied on with LGBTQIA+ concerns, and escaping digital and social media norms with fantasies that also keep non-linear existence in our life, curious colors range from pulp, java, praline, and pressure, beautiful and bizarre details found in warped shirt, maximum blocking, extreme stripes, and collaged constructions.



Swimming through your sexuality is the most brilliant revolution that’s ever happened to the male anatomy, it’s also been a breakthrough for females, but males have never been more alive as they’ve been given permission to explore the female gene that’s long been untapped, calling for lightness and weightlessness with shifting stylistic roles, no longer will we wear a shirt, pants, and such without there being a feminine touch to it, you’ve got colors of pressure, tart, celery, sea salt, and mussel to latch onto basic underpinnings, luxe lounge, and genderful to construct style that’s comparable to women’s.



We’ve come to the point where innovation no longer has a dramatic impact on our beliefs and values, it now plays a role of being a softening agent to bring out the goodness to bridge our values , progress to a “betterverse”, and keeps in touch with the roots of our heritage, there’s a dissatisfaction for disinformation, humans are now craving a need to be connected with each other, the feeling of touch has never been more valued now that we want to know our ancient history, evolving colors are maple rock, undercurrent, toast, and heat, look out for oversized classics, streamlined classics, kimono style, and modern basics.

We are in the age of a major cleansing from all things that have been demanded of us, though we see a huge 90’s trend with GEN Z (children of GEN Z), we are seeing men craving every moment of the woman’s chromosome there is to embrace upon, no time like now has it been so crucial for men to feel like there not just limited to the sex they’re born with, men must feel the fun and liberating experience of what it is to be outside their gender requirements, they must have a chance to use the feminine aesthetics that draw the most attractive to them.

Daniel Quintanilla

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