PROJECT New York welcomes LA-based activewear for CEO types with CUTS


Greatness Engineered

Let’s face it, the roots of style and fashion sprout up for consumers who not only know what they want, but know that every step they take each day is going to be one they take charge, no doubt exist about how they will proceed, and no second guessing about the actions and decisions they’ve made, clothing definitely expresses your attitude about life, or what mood you’re in, but it takes surefire DNA to not only dominate, but climb to the top, activewear fuels the start of your day for those who don’t waste time, and CUTS activewear here at PROJECT New York supports the CEO’s and the CEO-minded man and woman.

For the record, CUTS that’s based out of Los Angeles, California is a supportive business, supporting the individual who sets his own path, wakes up everyday to journal his workout, go right to the gym, then right from Equinox to the office in Manhattan here in New York City, take on what’s ahead of him, and does it all over again the next day.


CUTS with its crew tops, v-necks, long-sleeve top, button-down shirts, pullovers and sweat pants are made with a prima cotton blend, tailored-fit, as well as a poly blend material for high-quality performance that Equinox/ lucrative working leaders need to take on their work day from the moment they wake up, it gives you great gains at the gym, and powers your weekends at home or out, the engine of greatness always turned on without fail.


CUTS’s signature blend has also been there for women who live for Equinox, the six-figure salary, and the high-life out at Hudson Yards with CUTS’s tomboy tees, tomboy tees cropped, triangle tanks, racer backs, bike shorts, and coreflex pants that tell the team that you lead that nothing is stopping you from taking charge of the room, and feel right at ease in the power you possess.


The CUTS font and X-like in circle logo say what it means to take charge of the room, and of your body, but there are no logos present on all of CUTS apparel, the prima cotton, poly blend, and signature blend do more than the logo alone can do, CUTS buyers specifically look for activewear that have no logos on it, it avoids cheapening your look in the world, and actors/ background actors, and production crew who work on T.V. and movie sets look for CUTS to avoid logos on screen, and it feels good to wear, and looks good to wear on camera.

CUTS suits the needs of CEO’s who take care of their bodies in their take charge world of leadership, CUTS supports GEN Z who are in need of comforts after COVID lockdown (but CUTS can lead GEN Z to rise above themselves, and CUTS also supports entertainment people who are SAG and non-union who rely on their gigs and sets to make a living everyday, and are in need of support at this time with the SAG/ AFTRA & WGA strike.

Daniel Quintanilla

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