CNBC’s Jade Scipioni interviews Arezzo&Co’s CEO, Alexandre Birman, at Fashinnovation 9th Worldwide Talks in New York


The Roots Of Business

Influential speakers and CEO’s continued to lend their voice at Fashinnovation’s 9th Worldwide Talks on Wednesday here in New York City at the Lectra Innovation Center just below Hudson Yards where fashion and sustainability were addressed, plus the beginnings of Arezzo&Co’s CEO, Alexandre Birman, where he talked about how he got into the shoe business very young, helping him tell his story along the way was CNBC’s “Make It” reporter, Jade Scipioni.

Alexandre began making shoes with his father when he was 12-years-old, and spent all his teenage years learning and advancing in making shoes and learning how to run a business, at just 18-years-old, Alexandre began his own company in a factory owned by his father, which his father was about to close, but took over instead, and at age 35, Alexandre and his father came together to bring their shoe companies to become one.

While running a global brand and being a family man, Alexandre is also a triathlete, who spends 2 hours a day keeping his body in tip top shape to compete, it’s important to consume lots of calories each day, but it’s counterproductive to consume flour and sugar which Alexandre stays away from, because those ingredients filled with empty calories and gluten slow down your performance, the driver here is to focus on vitamin-rich foods plus lean protein, not only to train at your best, but also to run a major global brand.

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