Fashinnovation 9th Worldwide real with Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ star, Sutton Strache: ‘Couture Is Sustainable’


High End Is Seasonless

Are the end of a sustainably filled day with Fashinnovation’s Worldwide Talks 9th Edition, the Lectra Innovation Center in New York City just below Hudson Yards got a dose of reality TV drama in their space, but it wasn’t to film a fight scene, it was to talk the beauty behind sustainability, and it’s high fabric couture roots with Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star, entrepreneur, American Ballet Theatre board member, and sustainable beauty expert, Sutton Strache.

“Couture Is Sustainable”, these words by Sutton speaks volumes because it opens you up to thinking about sustainability in a whole new way, it really is an old way of thinking about fashion, especially high-end fashion like couture, because couture is made and produced with fabrics that are sourced not only responsibly, but using strong fabrics that last for many, many years, and couture is fashion that you do not wear everyday, it’s only for a special occasion, and you must take very good care of couture, following the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag down to the T, so that your prom gown, your wedding gown, your ballroom gown, or any special occasion in your life can be worn once again down the line, and passed onto your children.

Outside of Sutton getting into fights with Kyle Richards, Teresa Giudice, or Lisa Rinna where confrontation can’t always be avoided, or tables getting thrown or locked down, the biggest concern on Sutton mind is to move away from a world of fast fashion, fashion that’s only worn once, produced cheaply, and non-sustainable, where these flavor of the moment articles of clothing not only end up in landfills, but float down rivers, or build up over time in parts of world where mountains of fast fashion from decades past or even unsold product from last year can be seen mounting on top of each other, which is a disturbing site for Sutton Strache to see.

Daniel Quintanilla

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